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University of Konstanz
ACM Transactions on Graphics

Approximate Image-based Tree-modeling Using Particle Flows

B. Neubert, T. Franken, O. Deussen
Teaser of Approximate Image-based Tree-modeling Using Particle Flows


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We present a method for producing 3D tree models from input photographs with only limited user intervention. An approximate voxel-based tree volume is estimated using image information. The density values of the voxels are used to produce initial positions for a set of particles. Performing a 3D flow simulation, the particles are traced downwards to the tree basis and are combined to form twigs and branches. If possible, the trunk and the first-order branches are determined in the input photographs and are used as attractors for particle simulation. The geometry of the tree skeleton is produced using botanical rules for branch thicknesses and branching angles. Finally, leaves are added. Different initial seeds for particle simulation lead to a variety, yet similar-looking branching structures for a single set of photographs.


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