Visual Computing

University of Konstanz
Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Non-photorealistic Animation and Rendering

Real-time Pen-and-ink Illustration of Landscapes

L. Coconu, O. Deussen, H. Hege
Teaser of Real-time Pen-and-ink Illustration of Landscapes


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Non-photorealistic rendering has been proven to be particularly efficient in conveying and transmitting selected visual information. Our paper presents a NPR rendering pipeline that supports pen-andink illustration for, but not limited to, complex landscape scenes in real time. This encompasses a simplification framework using clustering which enables new approaches to efficient and coherent rendering of stylized silhouettes, hatching and abstract shading. Silhouette stylization is performed in image-space. This avoids explicit computation of connected lines. Further, coherent hatching of the tree foliage is performed using an approximate view-dependent parameterization computed on-the-fly within the same simplification framework. All NPR algorithms are integrated with photorealistic rendering, allowing seamless transition and combination between a variety of photorealistic and non-photorealistic drawing styles.


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