EuroVis 2012 conference - Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 31 Issue 3pt3, June 2012, Pages 1135-1144

Rolled-out Wordles: A Heuristic Method for Overlap Removal of 2D Data Representatives

Hendrik Strobelt    Marc Spicker    Andreas Stoffel    Daniel A. Keim    Oliver Deussen
University of Konstanz, Germany


When representing 2D data points with spacious objects such as labels, overlap can occur. We present a simple algorithm which modifies the (Mani-) Wordle idea with scan-line based techniques to allow a better placement. We give an introduction to common placement techniques from different fields and compare our method to these techniques w.r.t. euclidean displacement, changes in orthogonal ordering as well as shape and size preservation. Especially in dense scenarios our method preserves the overall shape better than known techniques and allows a good trade-off between the other measures. Applications on real world data are given and discussed.


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