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University of Konstanz
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications

Interactive Modeling of Plants

B. Lintermann, O. Deussen
Teaser of Interactive Modeling of Plants


Paper (.pdf, 843.8KB)


We see plants nearly everywhere in our environment. They dominate outdoor scenes and most interior scenes as well. So why do we only have a few satisfactory plant models? We think it’s because, so far, creating plants is a job for experts who can handle the large structural and geometrical complexity of these models. In this article we present a modeling method that allows easy generation of many branching objects including flowers, bushes, trees, and even nonbotanical things. A set of components describing structural and geometrical elements of plants maps to a graph that forms the description of a specific plant and generates the geometry. Users get immediate feedback on what they’ve created—geometrical parameters, tropisms, and free-form deformations can control the overall shape of a plant. We’ll demonstrate that our method handles the complexity of most real plants.


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