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Voronoi Treemaps

Voronoi Treemaps are a special kind of Treemaps in which hierarchical systems are visualized by a set of convex objects that are nested into each other. The visual size of the objects is related to their natural size. The method is described in our 2005 paper on Voronoi Treemaps. The computation takes some time, however the results are quite aesthtetic, especially when a proper coloring is used.


The following images show the file structure of the software development system Eclipse with 15.000 Classes. By clicking on the images you'll get a 10.000 x 10.000 pixel image, the link below directs you to a (large) PDF-file with the vector data:



My home, V2

The visualization shows all the data of my home directory. Every file is a bubble with an area that represents the file size. Every directory contains all its files and subdirectories. In total 62.000 files are displayed with a size of 42 GByte. By clicking on the image you'll get a larger version without comments.


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