Visual Computing

University of Konstanz
Appl. Opt.

Hardware-based rendering of full-parallax synthetic holograms

A. Ritter, J. Böttger, O. Deussen, M. König, T. Strothotte
Teaser of Hardware-based rendering of full-parallax synthetic holograms


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We present a method for efficiently calculating the interference ofcomplex-valued two-dimensional wave patterns that is useful during thegeneration of synthetic holograms. These patterns are representedas a special kind of images (textures), and the interference iscalculated in a computer graphics rendering process. This enablesus to leverage hardware support for holographic imaging that isimplemented in many state-of-the-art computer workstations. Usingthis approach, we gain a speedup of a factor of 60--90 compared withconventional calculation methods for interfering wave patterns. Ourmethod is evaluated numerically, examples are shown, and the programcode is outlined.


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