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University of Konstanz
Proceedings. 1997 IEEE Conference on Information Visualization (Cat. No.97TB100165)

Holographic imaging of lines: a texture based approach

A. Ritter, O. Deussen, H. Wagener, T. Strothotte
Teaser of Holographic imaging of lines: a texture based approach


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Holography is a method for three-dimensional imaging of objects. In this paper we present an approach for the generation of holograms, exploiting standard graphics rendering methods and hardware. We focus on the visualization of objects composed of line segments, which allow for certain simplifications, and thus hologram generation speed-up. Our method is based on the derivation of a holographic geometric equivalent of the object to be imaged. In this equivalent, the object is represented as a set of geometric primitives combined with precomputed textures. The equivalent is built up under prescribed conditions, thus simulating certain wave characteristics. The hologram of the object to be imaged is gained just by rendering its holographic geometric equivalent. Problems of achieving the necessary resolution of the output hologram are addressed.


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