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University of Konstanz
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics

Palettailor: Discriminable Colorization for Categorical Data

K. Lu, M. Feng, X. Chen, M. Sedlmair, O. Deussen, D. Lischinski, Z. Cheng, Y. Wang
Teaser of Palettailor: Discriminable Colorization for Categorical Data


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We present an integrated approach for creating and assigning color palettes to different visualizations such as multi-classscatterplots, line, and bar charts. While other methods separate the creation of colors from their assignment, our approach takes datacharacteristics into account to produce color palettes, which are then assigned in a way that fosters better visual discrimination ofclasses. To do so, we use a customized optimization based on simulated annealing to maximize the combination of three carefullydesigned color scoring functions: point distinctness, name difference, and color discrimination. We compare our approach to state-of-the-art palettes with a controlled user study for scatterplots and line charts, furthermore we performed a case study. Our results showthat Palettailor, as a fully-automated approach, generates color palettes with a higher discrimination quality than existing approaches.The efficiency of our optimization allows us also to incorporate user modifications into the color selection process


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