Visual Computing

University of Konstanz
Proceedings of the 2011 SIGGRAPH Asia Conference

Modeling and Generating Moving Trees from Video

C. Li, O. Deussen, Y. Song, P. Willis, P. Hall
Teaser of Modeling and Generating Moving Trees from Video


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We present a probabilistic approach for the automatic production of tree models with convincing 3D appearance and motion. The only input is a video of a moving tree that provides us an initial dynamic tree model, which is used to generate new individual trees of the same type. Our approach combines global and local constraints to construct a dynamic 3D tree model from a 2D skeleton. Our modeling takes into account factors such as the shape of branches, the overall shape of the tree, and physically plausible motion. Furthermore, we provide a generative model that creates multiple trees in 3D, given a single example model. This means that users no longer have to make each tree individually, or specify rules to make new trees. Results with different species are presented and compared to both reference input data and state of the art alternatives.


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