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Structure-aware Stylization of Mountainous Terrains

J. Kratt, F. Eisenkeil, M. Spicker, Y. Wang, D. Weiskopf, O. Deussen
Teaser of Structure-aware Stylization of Mountainous Terrains

Our method takes an input terrain geometry and texture (left); based on geometric features such as crest lines, smoothing is applied and streamlines are computed in a structure-aware distribution (middle), hatching styles are computed to create the final illustration (right).


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We present a method for the stylization of mountainous terrains that allows creating abstract representations in different rendering styles. Our method consists of two major components: structure-aware terrain filtering and streamline-based hatching. For a given input terrain we compute different Levels-of-Detail (LoD) according to a crest line oriented importance measure and then filter each LoD accordingly. We generate flow fields for each LoD and compute streamlines to direct the production of hatching lines. The combination of crest and silhouette lines with streamline-based hatching allows us to create a variety of styles in different Levels-of-Detail. We evaluate our method using several terrains and demonstrate the effectiveness of our method by composing a number of different illustration styles.


Structure-aware Stylization of Mountainous Terrains


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