Visual Computing

University of Konstanz
Visualization in Landscape and Environmental Planning

Efficient modelling and rendering of synthetic landscapes

O. Deussen, C. Colditz, L. Coconu, H. Hege
Teaser of Efficient modelling and rendering of synthetic landscapes


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Generating synthetic images of rich landscapes is still a challenging task in various respects. Firstly, efficient modelling methods for single plants have to be developed, as so far used approaches do not allow designing plants efficiently. Our hybrid method enables the user to generate even complex plants in short time; this is described in the first paragraph. Secondly, plant models must be combined in order to form vegetation. Spatial-temporal simulation models based on individual plants help here. The vast amount of geometry involved here must be reduced to allow interactive rendering. A specially designed level-of-detail algorithm represents the plant geometry in dependency to its size on screen and allows frame rates of several frames per second even for complex landscapes.


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