CAE 2008

Watercolor Illustrations of CAD Data

Thomas Luft*


Frank Kobs~


Walter Zinser~


Oliver Deussen*

*University of Konstanz
~palette CAD GmbH

Watercolor illustrations of CAD models created with our pipeline. The tonal lighting model is used to realize a traditional color contrast scheme, while ambient occlusion introduces a perceptual level-of-detail, which is similar to stylistic means found in hand-made illustrations.


We describe a project that integrates a non-photorealistic rendering pipeline into an existing CAD system. The pipeline enables the customers of the CAD company to create aesthetically appealing renderings in addition to the classical CAD output. Since these customers are operating in the high-quality segment of furniture and interior design, the visual style of the sales brochure is highly important. We concentrate on watercolor drawings, since they are a traditional medium to present artistic interpretations of architectural and CAD data. To create a convincing and aesthetic reproduction of this style, we propose two techniques: First, we introduce a tone-based lighting to separate the traditional shading of a rendering into tone and intensity, which supports traditional color palettes for watercolor paintings, and second, we exploit ambient occlusion information to render traditional stylistic means such as abstraction and indication.
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