Project coordination

Oliver Deussen

Is professor of Computer Graphics at University of Konstanz and chairs the group there. He is interested in visual abstraction mechanisms and works in the area of so-called non-photorealistic rendering. At some point he started to be interested to create paintings from his algorithms using real paint on a real canvas. The e-David idea was born.

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Marvin Gülzow

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Thomas Lindemeier

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Former Students

Mark Tautzenberger, Lena Pollak, Jens Metzner, Thilo Spinner.

Artist in Residence

Liat Grayver visited us multiple times and collaborated with us to create new paintings.

Patrick Tresset is an artist that builds and exhibits installations where drawing robots are actors. He visits the group regularly and collaborates, gives artistic advice.



T. Lindemeier, J. Metzner, L. Pollak, O. Deussen
Artistic Composition for Painterly Rendering
Vision, Modeling, and Visualization, 2016
  T. Lindemeier, J. Metzner, L. Pollak, O. Deussen
Hardware-Based Non-Photorealistic Rendering Using a Painting Robot
Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of Eurographics), 2015
Tresset, Patrick; Deussen, Oliver
Artistically Skilled Embodied Agents
AISB 2014, 1st – 4th April 2014, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK
O. Deussen, T. Lindemeier
E-David: Wissenschaftlicher Versuch und malendes Monstrum
In: Albert Kümmel-Schnur, Oliver Deussen, Patrick Tresset (ed):
Zufallszwänge – Roboterbilder zwischen Wissenschaft und Kunst, Konstanz, 2013
PDF (9,0 MB)
A. Kümmel-Schnur, O. Deussen, P. Tresset (ed):
Zufallszwänge – Roboterbilder zwischen Wissenschaft und Kunst
Catalogue of the exhibition in Konstanz, September 2013, can be obtained from Oliver Deussen
T. Lindemeier, S. Pirk, O. Deussen
Image Stylization with a Painting Machine Using Semantic Hints
Computers & Graphics 2013, doi: 10.1016/j.cag.2013.01.005,
preprint (25.1 MB), WWW
O. Deussen, T. Lindemeier, S. Pirk, M. Tautzenberger
Feedback-guided Stroke Placement for a Painting Machine
Computational Aesthetics in Graphics, 2012
WWW, Paper (12.6 MB)

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